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Your dream deck is only one order away!

Create your dream deck! We offer three 34mm blank decks and allow you to personalize your deck simply, affordably and efficently.

Our untreated maple veneer alows you to use any art supplies to customize your deck.

We recommend using Sharpie markers, color dyes, paint markets and thin paints.


Got a image?

Just print it out and glue it on!

We recommend coloring your bottom ply white. This will help the graphic stay vibrant and prevent the wood from projecting through your paper graphic.


On all decks we recommend multiple thin layers of clear coat. This can easily be done with spray can lacquer.


This package is perfect if you want to sell your very own fingerboards! We cut out the hard labor and make it easy for you to design your decks and make money!



Reon maple deck - 34mm x 101mm

Grip included - 6 pieces

Nail files - 3 Included

High kicks

Sample decks NOT INCLUDED

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